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Are you tired of your outdated sofa or simply looking for a change in your living space? Look no further!

SofaCoverUK offers an affordable solution to renew the look of your furniture. Our sofa covers come in a variety of colors and designs, allowing you to effortlessly match your personal style and home decor.

Give your room the fresh update it deserves without breaking the bank. Revamp your furniture with SofaCoverUK today.

Customer reviews

Best sofa covers I’ve ever bought! After buying and trashing them every year due to wear and tear from our pup, I finally gave in and tried SofaCoverUK and I’ll never go back!


Love this sofa cover! It totally changed the look of my living room to a stylish Bohemian feel, which I had never considered before. I love the fact I can change the style of my sofa!


This sofa covers are good quality and totally transformed a shabby cream leather sofa. There is not too much slippage which surprised me and the foam insets help to keep the cover in place.

Angela M


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Sofa covers

Sofa covers are a practical and essential addition to your home decor. Whether you have children or pets, these covers protect your sofa from stains and daily wear and tear, ensuring its longevity and maintaining its appearance.

Maximize the lifespan of your couch and safeguard it from everyday wear and tear with SofaCoverUK sofa covers. Our high-quality solution offers both protection and style without sacrificing comfort.

SofaCoverUK offers a wide variety of sofa covers at unbeatable prices, ensuring the best quality products for your needs. With a range of models, materials, and designs available, you can extend the life of your sofa while enhancing the aesthetic of your living room with our professional and informative products.

A sofa cover not only completely envelops your sofa and protects it perfectly from scratches, stains, spills or the progressive wear and tear of everyday use, but also gives a fresher touch to the entire interior of your living room.

You just have to choose the type of cover that best suits your sofa. They may be Elastic, Stretch, waterproofJacquard, Velvet covers. Here you will find everything you are looking for to optimally protect your sofa.

Finding best covers for certain types of sofas or chairs is not always easy, especially when it comes to large sofas like chaise longues. That's why at SofaCoverUK we want to make it easy for you to find the ideal cover for your sofa, whatever it may be.

All of our Slipcovers are made specifically for each sofa type and made with a unique cutting pattern. In addition, they are finished with a multi-elastic fabric that allows a smooth adaptation to the vast majority of sofas on the market today.

If you want to buy Slipcovers for modern or classic sofas that cover all the features and designs of each sofa and guarantee complete protection, SofaCoverUK makes it very easy for you.

For a cost-effective home renovation, consider using a sofa cover with a complementary design that matches the tones in the room. This simple addition can bring new life to all the rooms in your home while staying within your budget.

SofaCoverUK offers expertly crafted sofa covers that provide both aesthetic appeal and practical protection for your sofa. With our wide range of options, you can easily refresh your living room while preventing stains and wear and tear.

Explore our wide selection of sofa covers, ranging in a multitude of colors, patterns, designs and textures, giving you the flexibility to effortlessly enhance the look of your living room or dining room according to your preferences.

Which furniture pieces are suitable for using covers?


In every home, a sofa is a pivotal furniture item. Regardless of whether it's a 1 Seater Sofa(Armchair), 2 Seater Sofa(Loveseat), 3 Seater Sofa, 4 Seater Sofa, Sectional, Corner or L-shaped Sofa, safeguarding it is essential. Our contemporary slipcovers are crafted from resilient fabric featuring a water-repellent effect, ensuring longevity. Whether these are spills, ink stains, dust, dirt, or pet fur, our sofa or corner sofa covers act as a shield, preserving the integrity of the underlying furniture fabric.


Revitalize Your Recliner -Indulge in the ultimate comfort of your recliner, and safeguard its longevity with our exclusive recliner slipcovers. Over time, the wear and fading of furniture fabric are inevitable, but our recliner covers act as a protective barrier against such effects. Crafted with premium Italian quality, our recliner sofa covers boast durability and long-lasting appeal. Each recliner cover is thoughtfully equipped with a set of folding anti-slip cardboards, ensuring a secure and snug fit on your cherished furniture. Elevate your reclining experience with our quality covers that combine style and protection seamlessly.


Upgrade the visual appeal of any furniture with ease using our Sofa Cushion Covers. Not only do these pillows enhance the aesthetic value, but they also help to create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere in your home. Our wide range of collections, such as Velvet or Jacquard, provide a plethora of design options to choose from.


Our chair covers are essential and commonly used in households and companys. They will maintain their appearance for an extended period, even after frequent use. You have the option to coordinate them with your chair cover or mix and match to suit your personal style. Our covers are available for dining chair or office chair.


SofaCoverUK offers all kinds of solutions for covering sofas. Whatever solution you need, you will find it. We invite you to be inspired by the different fabrics, colors and materials with which you can not only protect your sofa, but also combine it perfectly with the rest of the furnishings of your home when choosing a sofa cover, armchair coverChair CoversRecliner CoversCushion Covers or any other type of Buy a sofa cover..

Shop for sofa covers at SofaCoverUK from the convenience of your home, confident in the high-quality and unbeatable prices of our covers. Trust us to provide the top sofa cover options available.